What is Stress?

Stress is the ‘wear and tear’ our body experiences as we adjust to our continually changing environment.

Stress can help, or hinder growth and can have a positive or negative effects on our body.

Stress can cause certain physical changes in our body like change in eating and sleeping patterns, fatigue and headache, chronic pain,ulcers,increase in blood pressure etc.

It also causes problems on a physiological plane like deteriorated work performance, irritability, anger, inability to decide etc. Anyway we can’t run away from this “Stress”.So it is better we should learn to manage it.

  • Firstly we should know the causative factor of stress in our body.
  • One should always go for a proper planning.
  • Relaxation, exercises like yoga and meditation are very effective.
  • One should develop hobbies for eg. listening to soft music.
  • Positive thinking and social support are very important.
  • Breathing techniques help relax.
  • One should cultivate good habits and have healthy food.

These days many of the ‘TEENS’ are getting dragged towards consumption of drugs, tobacco and alcohol to reduce exam related stress; instead it increases stress. Consumption of all such items should be checked by parents or siblings. If any sign of consumption of such things is detected, it should be reported to a counselor. One should seek timely professional help. As it is rightly said,”A stitch in time saves nine.” You should socialize, stay active and happy and use all your energy in positive jobs.