original_life-is-what-you-make-it-wall-stickerOnce, three man were short-listed for a job and had to appear for an interview for the post of an MD in a prestigious company. The first one parked his car in the parking lot and on his way to the building, he tripped over a large stone and fell on the ground. He hurt his wrist and his shirt was covered with dust, he brushed himself, cursed the road and in a very bad mood he reached the office after picking up his papers. As a result he was late and the interview did not go well. He returned home sulking.

The second man came half an hour later and tripped over the same stone. Though his files did not fall, his shirt become dirty. He frowned at the stone, brushed himself and went for the interview. His interview did not go well either and he returned home in a grim mood.

Another hour later the third candidate appeared and he also tripped over the same stone. Instead of cursing the stone, he threw it in a corner so that others did not trip over it. He brushed himself and moved inside the building in a cheerful mood. His interview went well and he was selected as the MD.

It can clearly be seen that life is all about how you take it. If you are in a good mood things go well but if you sulk, your day is spoil. It is well written that,“It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude.”