India, for than a couple of decades has been fervently waiting for a strong and sincere leadership and on the fortunate day of 16 April, 2014, India got another incarnation of Mahatma Gandhi, an embodiment of discreet ‘Bhartiya’ values, Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi. But what is known is his passionate approach and his idealist policies that will surely bring a contemporary and an emerging India out of the dark scenario. It is also significant to highlight that the world is enchanting, ‘Namo-Namo’ not just because he is visiting the foreign nations, yes, because he is capable of standing on his words. He has initiated “Jana Dhana Yojana” which has successfully been pursed with near about 116 lakhs A/Cs being opened which has mobilized and channelized the amount of investment which was earlier merely locked in the piggy banks of rural houses.

It does not show that others were a bit less but it clearly shows that Modi is, a bit more. Yes, reiterating that Modi and his team members have been able to materialize their commitments to a certain extent. There has been a criticism regarding Narendra Modi being called a “Videshi Paryatak”, that is, a foreign visitor, which is actually true. Through his diplomatic stand-off, he has popularized “Make in India” campaign which concentrates on the idea of industrial expansion with a shift in secondary sector as a major driver of growth rather than tertiary sector.

It’s being a great opportunity for all the Indian citizens to be a part of inevitable change, a change that may change the entire world. In his various speeches encompassing India’s development strategy, he has emphatically highlighted – women empowerment, cyber country development of defense sector, foreign direct investment as calling needs of the society. Therefore readers, the reverse countdown now begins where India too would have its important say in the world’s decisions and yes Indian citizens would now be better placed as global citizens.

He has been incessantly channelizing and pursuing actively the “The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” with an equal emphasis on cleanliness in the society which brings out his strategy for social development. Therefore, we as citizens must comprehend that “Our choice is right, but it must be our own”, we must render him enough time to execute his development policies so that Mr. Barack Obama can multiply his visits to India.