In the cyber-world of today, inhibition melts away.

Login and logout have become the human greetings today.


There are no interviews to get a better deal

Just answer the question somehow on a number scale


Money is not greenbacks and coins, rather digits and a score

Swipe the card, it’s approved, then you can leave the store.


Technology brings us closer and increases our revenues

The finest is on the market now, ready for some abuse.


I have met the one picture we have seen

Our life will be wonderful, better than, in my dream.


With a keyboard and a signal, come share the world with me

But when the charge is gone and the cursor no longer blinks


When the lights go out, my mind begins to think. Blinded by reality

I remember what i missed


Your eyes looking into mine, the touch of your fingertips

You were not David, such love was not fair


I should have known better OMG, Are you still there?