Many great persons have influenced the world and changed the flow of time with their great thoughts and personality. It is not possible for anyone to portray the life and achievements of a man like – “Mahatma Gandhi”

To try to do it is to try to hold the world in the palm. He was a prince of truth and the emissary of peace. He was not just a man or a superman but a rare phenomenon that the world may witness once in a millennium.

There were people who called him a magician that hypnotized the people, a mystic who tried to impress the image of God upon the faces of brides, a soldier who fought with the weapons of a saint. He was certainly one of the History’s amazing paradoxes. Although a Hindu, he believed in a religion which is the essence of all the religious beliefs that is “Humanity”.

He converted his personal anger into national anger and finally with this, the marvel of all weapons, he drove the English out of India. Politics was in his blood, although in his life he struggled hard to throttle the voice of the politician that made noises now and then and he emerged out as a real saint. He called his autobiography “My Experiment with Truth”.

Indeed his life was an experiment to attain perfection.

Unfortunately, such personalities are often subject to great controversies and so was he. As a result of the communal tumult in the country during partition, he was shot dead on 30th January, 1948. A leader, a philosopher, a writer and a teacher yet a very simple and affectionate man.

Gandhi’s personality was so complex and multi-dimensional that on his death, Einstein remarked – “Coming generations would hardly believe that such a man in flesh and blood ever lived on the Earth”.