Vandalism is an act involving deliberate destruction or damage of public or private property. It is a growing national problem that is prevalent in many states.

Vandalism is a social problem which is rampant in schools especially high schools. Over one half of all the crimes associated in vandalism occur in high schools. There is no typical vandal. Vandals can be good or bad students, girls or boys, rich or poor. The largest age group arrested for vandalism is between 13 and 14. However, children as young as six and seven, vandalism schools and park areas.

Teenagers with growing up problems act destructively by destroying vehicles, spray painting on public places etc. Older youth often commit more serious acts such as damaging vehicles or machinery, burglary, arson or theft. Although most vandals do not have clear motive for their acts. Studies show that basic social problems and attitudes are the root cause of vandalism.

People pay their taxes for a reason, to build a better community for future generation. When the community is vandalized, they are the ones who have to pay for someone else’s damage. Vandalism is still and always will be a growing problem unless and until we do something about it. We must educate kids about vandalism by telling them that it is wrong and can even lead to prison. Give enough attention and love to your kids and encourage them to take care of public and private property.

With this we can succeed in eradicating vandalism.

“When we destroy something created by man, We call it vandalism.

But when we destroy something by nature, We call it Progress”.